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Data Security

Netwindy features comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of your entire security operation. We can help navigate the evolving threatscape and enforce policies across your network. Simplify administration, broaden network visibility, strengthen security controls, and improve business efficacy and flexibility with our team of experts at your side.

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  Testing and Analysis

Testing and analysis are important first steps in identifying pertinent exposure vectors. We provide an array of analysis services to determine cybersecurity gaps and help harden your security posture.

  Vulnerability Scan

A program that detects and classifies any weaknesses throughout your company’s system, network and applications where an attack might occur, and calculates the efficacy of countermeasures

  Security Assessment

BluePhoenix will examine your organization’s current security posture to provide insights and recommend improvements intended to significantly mitigate any risks

  Penetration Testing

An authorized tester attempts to gain access to protected resources and data contained within your system, network or applications to uncover security flaws that could be exploited in a legitimate attack

Incident Response

Contact Netwindy security team for incident response and remediation services.

Digital Forensics

Security breaches and attacks come in many forms – from malicious infiltrators to unknowing insiders – and our diligent resolution-focused team helps reduce damages and prevent future incidents.

Annual Security Risk Assessement
Firewall Security and Patch Management
Managed Detection and Response
Network Enumeration Detection and Review