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Managed Services

Netwindy provides end-to-end consulting services from SMB to Enterprise. Desktop support, network design, network security, and infrastructure buildout are just some disciplines covered by our service offering. Focusing on delivering solutions from design and pre-sales to implementation and final testing with project management included in all engagements to ensure timely and accurate delivery of customer expectations.

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  Managed Services

Netwindy Managed Services provides end-to-end consulting services from SMB to Enterprise, Desktop to Network support are just some of the disciplines covered by our service offering.

  Managed Cloud

We specialize in migrating, integrating, and managing cloud services so your organization can focus on its core mission rather than dealing with the complexities of modern cloud infrastructure.

  Managed Delivery

Delivering solutions from design and per-sales to implementation and final testing with project management included in all engagements ensures accurate delivery of customer expectations.

  Infrastructure Support

A modern IT infrastructure allows your business to pivot and tackle problems in any way required. As a result, reduce the time to execution while saving costs.

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24x7x365 Help Desk and customer support Managed Services.
Unlimited remote and onsite technical support Managed Services.
Comprehensive secure support portal and trouble-ticketing system.
Network infrastructure & endpoint patch management platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Services

  • Our Internet is slow what can Netwindy do for our company?

    While bandwidth and speed can be an issue with customers who leverage the Internet for their business needs, sometimes other factors can come into play; Netwindy can perform a complete top-down analysis to review all network routers, firewalls, and access switching to analyze and remediate your access challenges.

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  • What solutions does Netwindy use to protect our company from viruses and Malware?

    We understand the demanding requirements placed on businesses for securing corporate networks and ensuring your customer data is safe. Netwindy has partnered with best-in-class security vendors, providing complete end-to-end security solutions for your mobile users to your corporate workstations.

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  • How can Netwindy help upgrade our office technology?

    As your technology ages, Netwindy can extend your return on investment (ROI) by implementing processes and procedures to maintain your infrastructure by optimizing your technology environment using advanced inventory patch management platforms and health monitoring technologies. When it is time to upgrade, we provide a path to success while protecting your data via responsible data destruction and recycling options.

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  • Our company is thinking about leveraging cloud technology, how can Netwindy help?

    Netwindy heavily leverages the Cloud to provide products and services to our customers today; born from the Cloud, we can help provide guidance and solutions to customers looking for best-in-class, highly scalable Cloud hosting solutions.

    Netwindy provides a private cloud computing service that enables customers to leverage resource reservation pools (processor, memory, and disk) of computing assets at Netwindy data centers. Customers can use these guaranteed resources to create virtual machines and allocate and provision computing assets on demand from the Netwindy cloud services portal.

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