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Accessing cPanel Webmail

Netwindy’s cPanel webmail accounts are accessible in two different ways ‒ using the server’s IP address or your domain name.

Accessing Webmail Through the Server’s IP Address

This method uses a server’s IP address provided by your hosting provider.
Enter the URL https://server_ip:2096 (HTTPS port) or http://server_ip:2095 (non-HTTPS port). Alternatively, use http://server_ip/webmail. Server_ip is the placeholder for the IP address of your hosting server.

Both of these URLs will take you to the webmail login page. There, you will have to enter the email address and password for your email account. You can locate your hosting server’s IP address by navigating to the General Information box on the cPanel home screen.

Accessing Webmail Through Your Domain Name

Remembering the IP address to access webmail may be impractical. Instead, you can use your domain name like this: Replacing the /webmail part with the port number will also work. Enter for a non-HTTPS port or for an HTTPS port.
You can check your domain name in the General Information box on the cPanel dashboard. It will be labeled Primary Domain.