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Accessing Enterprise Webmail (Zimbra)

Netwindy provides hosted infrastructure for Enterprise Webmail, to access Netwindy hosted infrastructure you will need to contact Netwindy support to obtain your node assignment. All mail servers hosted with Netwindy start with mail00x with as the TLD and increment, such as the following:

All communication is encrypted, you can access webmail by simply accessing the main address no /webmail is required as needed on cPanel servers.

There are three versions of the web app, they are as follows:

The Modern Web App delivers a responsive experience across all your devices and integrates with many popular apps.

The Classic Web App is familiar to long-time Zimbra users. It delivers advanced collaboration and calendar features popular with power users on Desktop web browsers.

This will sign you in according to your saved Preference. In the Modern Web App, set this preference in Settings > General > Zimbra Version. In Classic, set it in Preferences > General > Sign In.