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Known Issues with MS Outlook and Zimbra

2-1-2024 | Microsoft Update (Version 2310, 2311) Breaks Outlook/Zimbra (Blank Messages)

Update: It has been identified that after recent Microsoft updates (Version 2310, 2311), users reported an issue: sending a message from Outlook/Zimbra can intermittently deliver a blank message to recipients.

We have been researching this issue with our Microsoft and Zimbra partners; we now believe Zimbra has identified a fix that can be installed via ZCO version; at the time of this writing, a direct upgrade from the ZCO client (installed on Microsoft Outlook) is not possible and must be manually installed.

We have installed this fix for you and set your Outlook and Windows settings back to their previous configurations; can you please confirm this has resolved your issue?

For reference, the download link can be found here:

Resolution: Current Microsoft Outlook updates beyond 2311 implements a fix for this issue.